DRYING LIGHT (Lamp Design)

Skills: interior design

Lamp drying light

The “ DRYING LIGHT” concept idea is coming from daily life.  When I lived in public house in Hong Kong, my mother always dries the shirt outside the house every day. However, nowadays, we cannot see this moment again because most of the housing transforms to a big window.

We can only able to see that moment in the older district such as SHAM SHUI PO. But that moment will not come back again. So I want to catch the moment.

The design is using minimal design style, Used the ten ovals combining to the wet shirt feeling. On the top triangle holding the ovals shape. That is a metaphor for shirt hanging.  The material will use the recycle metal, recycle metal piece and recycle paper.  Those materials are in low weight and green in order to protect the environment.



該設計採用簡約設計風格,用約十個橢圓結合,掛著濕襯衫感覺晾著。頂部三角形掛著橢圓形。這是隱喻 “晾衫”惑覺。材料將使用再循環金屬,利用回收金屬片和再做循環紙,這些材料較輕及環保。