Taiwan 2013 Outstanding Chinese Character Design Exhibition – Taiwan

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2013 Outstanding Chinese Character Design Exhibition
At National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Date: 30-12-2013 to 09 01 2014


Hong Kong Design Association Global Design Awards 2011 Gold Rush Book and Cert – Hong Kong

429851_402483223101374_496035660_n 430436_378440342174533_1772673732_nBeautiful Gold Cover, HKDA Global Design Awards 2011 Gold Rush Book.~!
HKDA Awards winning Silver / HK Best

Hong Kong Design Association GLOBAL DESIGN AWARDS 2011 – Hong Kong

420627_402283916454638_160700245_nThanks Buddha, this is my first time for HKDA Awards winning Silver / HK Best, thanks to the the HKDA Awards Judges and Chairman.

Feel so excited. WOW~!!!

The Heart Sutra,心經
Awards: Silver / HK Best

Thanks everything~!

ARIGATO PROJECT – nominee of the competion – Japan


Thank you very much for apllying to ARIGATO PROJECT Panel Competition!
I’m sorry to tell you late about the nominee of the competion.
We have chosen 67works (14 for work competition / 53 for panel competition)

Please check this WEBsite! There are all nominated works.

The nominated works will exhibit in the booth of ARIGATO PROJECT
while 1st to 6th Nov. at TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2011.

in addition —
We will publish ALL WORKS to apply to ARIGATO PROJECT
as “ARIGATO BOOK” (publish in next spring)

We appreciate all works from all over the world.

Best Regards,
Design Association NPO

Japan 週刊朝日 2011年6月3日号 – Japan

My kitchen selected in japan magazine  (週刊朝日)
週刊朝日 2011年6月3日号